Ethics & Sustainability

To me, ethically made means garments are made with care in a safe and fair environment, with fair pay for workers using sustainably sourced materials and packaging.

Ethically Made

Every item is hand-made from my studio in Essex. Apollo Swim is not a fast fashion brand. Sometimes people are not aware of the time and cost that goes into making clothing. All of my items are priced in consideration of the materials used and time it takes to make each piece. This ensures I can pay myself fairly for my time, and allow for my business to grow.

I have previously used factories in the UK and have taken time to visit, build a relationship with the factory and ensure the workers are paid a fair wage. This is important to me and I will continue to do this moving forward with any factories I choose to work with.

I choose to be made in the UK as it allows me to be involved in the process. All items are made to order, or produced in small batches in order to reduce waste.

100% Climate Positive

We're Climate Positive! Apollo Swim is now a member of Ecologi, a for profit initiative set up to tackle climate change. As a member of Ecologi, we are offsetting carbon footprints from our business, by funding carbon reduction and tree planting projects across the world.
We are committed to tackling climate change now and in the future.

One Tree Planted For Every Order

From 2021, for every order placed, a tree will be planted. Donations from our profits will go directly to reforestation projects across the world.

Visit our forest at:


As of 2021, I am committed to using sustainable fabrics and have tried to used recycled materials wherever I can. For transparency you can see a full list of materials below:

Fabric - From 2021, all Apollo Swim will be made from recycled polyamide fabrics. This is an eco-friendly fabric made from waste materials pulled from landfills and oceans. It is resistant to sun-creams and oils, chlorine resistant, soft stretchy and can be recycled. Sourced from UK Supplier.

Elastic - Sourced from UK Supplier.

Label - Care label made from 100% recycled polyester satin. Sourced from UK Supplier.


Swing Tag - 100% recycled FSC certified paper. Sourced from UK supplier and recyclable.

String - Sourced from an international supplier via Amazon a few years ago and looking to replace in future with an eco-friendly alternative, but will be used in the interim. 

Printed tissue paper - FSC certified on acid free paper using using soy ink. Made from 30% recycled sources and fully recyclable. Sourced from No Issue and recyclable.

Sticker - Made from 100% recycled waste paper and bio-degradable. Sourced from UK supplier.

Care Instructions Marketing Material - Made from 100% recycled waste. Sourced from a UK supplier and recyclable. 

Hygiene Sticker - Sourced from a UK supplier and investigating an eco-friendly alternative.

Branded Mailing Bag - 100% bio-degradable, plastic free and sourced from a UK supplier.

I welcome any further questions you may have regarding our ethical practice and would love to hear from you. Please contact or use the contact form on the Contact page.