Ethical Practice

To me, ethically made means garments are made with care in a safe and fair environment, with fair pay for workers.

I deem Apollo Swim ethically made as every item is hand-made from my studio in Essex. Apollo Swim is not a fast fashion brand. Sometimes people are not aware of the time and cost that goes into making clothing. All of my items are priced in consideration of the materials used and time it takes to make each piece. This ensures I can pay myself fairly for my time.

I have previously used factories in the UK and have taken time to visit, build a relationship with the factory and ensure the workers are paid a fair wage. This is important to me and I will continue to do this moving forward with any factories I choose to work with.

I choose to be made in the UK as it allows me to be involved in the process in this way. Having been plagiarized frequently by the fast fashion market, outsourcing my work outside of the UK is not likely. I am committed to continuing to make Apollo Swim an ethical brand, so you can shop with confidence in the product you are purchasing.

I welcome any further questions you may have regarding our point of view on ethical practice and would love to hear from you. Please contact or use the contact form on the Contact page.