Brand Story

Apollo Swim is a British swimwear brand founded and designed by Alice Broadley. I have been fortunate to have the freedom to live in Italy and Australia, two very different countries which have been my combined inspiration. I love the relaxed, minimal, beachy lifestyle that I have experienced in Australia. After moving back home to the UK, I couldn't find any swimwear styles that resembled the iconic brands I found whilst living in Australia, and matched it with the luxury of Europe’s iconic fashion houses.

European culture is at the core of the brand, with the name of the brand and each piece inspired by my favourite goddesses, stories and heroines.

Apollo Swim is a luxury, minimal brand, that hopes to make every women feel confident, sexy and empowered, as the Greek Goddess themselves.

The brand has had a modest start, growing from the spare bedroom of my family home, with countless sketches, sampling and final garments made by hand and packaged individually with love and care.

Brand Values

  • Women Empowerment. I am passionate about women having the freedom to make their own choices, especially when it comes to their body, their closet and their career. Apollo Swim is made for women who feel confident and comfortable in their own skin, and aren't afraid to show it. All women should have the freedom to choose what they wear and be able to wear it with confidence.
  • Equality and Ethics. I believe fashion should make you feel amazing, using high quality materials and should be made fairly and ethically. Apollo Swim is hand crafted from start to finish, cut, sewn and packaged in-house and ethically made in the UK. You can find more about Apollo Swim's ethical practice here.
  • Sustainability. Apollo Swim is made with Econyl Lycra fabric made from recycled ocean plastic. It is important for me to have an environmentally friendly brand. Apollo Swim is not a fast fashion brand! I use recycled packaging to ensure the brand is sustainable as possible. Additionally for an extra feel good bonus, for every order placed, a tree is planted.

Love Alice x