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 Today we are making the MAYA thong bottoms.

This is the most popular style and super easy to make if you are a beginner! I've made a step by step DIY walkthrough below and the pattern will be available to download as a PDF so you can print it at home yourself. I use an overlocker to make bikinis but you can easily make this style with a regular sewing machine using a zig zag stitch. If you have any questions feel free to drop me a comment and I will do my best to help you where I can.

Love Alice x


We are using the MAYA thong pattern for this DIY Tutorial.

I made this pattern myself, it is a thong cut minimal design for minimal tan lines.


Cut two of each pattern piece – one lining and one outer piece


Pin crotch seam with right sides together


  1. Sew crotch seam with a o.5cm seam allowance
  2. If using an overlocker thread your tail ends back through the seam and cut off the excess


  1. Match seams at the crotch right sides together
  2. Pin your pattern pieces together to prevent from sliding


  1. Sew side leg seams with a o.5cm seam allowance
  2. If using an overlocker thread your tail ends back through the seam and cut off the excess


Add swimwear elastic to each side seam. Start and stop at the points indicated in red.


  1. Turn bottoms right side out by pulling through the open top edge
  2. Sew along top edges to close


  1. Turn down your top edges 1cm to the inside creating a channel and pin
  2. This is where you would add in the label


  1. Top stitch the channel in place and secure the label


  1. Fold straps in half lengthwise and sew down
  2.  Add Elastic, following the seam you just sewed in place
  3. Using a Loop Turner, pull through straps so they are right side out


  1. Using a Loop Turner, pull each strap through each channel of the bottoms – one at the front one at the back
  2.  Knot strap ends to secure

Tada! Your done! With practice you should be able to whip these up in around 15-20 mins.

Next week we will be making the matching MUSE top!

SEWING SERIES: 01 Bikini Supplies

So you want to make your own bikini?

Hello and Welcome!

You're in the right place. I've been making my own bikinis for 3 years now, and I haven't bought a bikini since!

Making bikinis is so much easier than you think, once you learn the basics you can get creative and make whatever you want!


To get you started you will need the below items:

1.Sewing Machine (obvious)

2. Overlocker/Serger - this is optional, if you dont have an overlocker yet a sewing machine will do the job. However if you are a sewing enthusiast/perfectionist once you get an overlocker, everything will be 100x easier and you will never look back.

3. Cutting Mat - I use size A1 but an A3 s fine to work with. You can find them on amazon much cheaper than sewing shops.

4.Rotary Cutter

5. Thread / Overlocking Thread(x4 spools)

6. Pins

7. Fabric Scissors

8. Ruler

9. Loop Turner

10. Stitch Unpicker/Seam Ripper


To make a full bikini you will need around 0.5m of fabric.You can get swimwear fabric from the below suppliers:

  1. FunkiFabrics - They sell everything in increments of 0.25m and offer 5 free samples prior to every order placed so you can choose your fabric before committing to an order! As a beginner the Shiny Nylon Lycra is easiest to work with. I use this for lining my bikinis. This is the best supplier I've come across for prints, there are so many options and you can create your own!
  2.  Showtime fabrics - They sell in increments of 0.5m and have a range of different fabrics. They are cheaper than FunkiFabrics but match the quality so good for the plain shiny colours.
  3. Wow Fabrics - Minimum order 1m but has a range of fabric and also a cheaper alternative.

You can get swimwear elastic (a.k.a rubber) from FabricLand.

I use the 6mm elastic for all bikinis but it is down to preference. 


I hope you guys are excited to start making bikinis! If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email and I will be happy to help if I can!


Love Alice xx